"Đừng hỏi giờ anh ấy!"

Translation:Do not ask him the time!

August 28, 2016



sometimes "ask the time" is wrong, other times "ask for the time" is wrong...

August 28, 2016


Can you tell me more about these two phrases?

August 29, 2016


Both are equivalent in English

March 4, 2017


Ask for the time is the correct way, ask the time is a lazy mans perversion of the English language.

May 28, 2018


"A asks B" generally means that B will give a response. "The woman asks the man" - the man will respond to the question. "A asks for B" generally means that A would like to get B: "the woman asks for an apple". You can combine the concepts like this: A asks B for C. "The woman asks the man for an apple". There are some special cases where you can use (A asks B) and B is what you want, and not the person replying. "Ask the price", "ask the time". In these cases, B is a quantity. This usage isn't common.

February 13, 2019


do not ask him for the time!

January 11, 2017


Please accept "for the time"

July 16, 2017


"Ask for the time" could conceivably refer to duration of time as in "time off" or "time to do something" but generally both "ask for the time" and "ask the time" mean the same thing.

May 9, 2017


Ask the time sounds so wrong

October 21, 2017
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