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  5. "אני לא חבר שלךָ יותר!"

"אני לא חבר שלךָ יותר!"

Translation:I am not your friend anymore!

August 28, 2016



I was marked incorrect for writing 'any more' as two words. In Britain and Australia, that's the standard way of writing it ('anymore' as one word is much less common). It should be accepted.


Is יותר literally, only, "more" ?


אני כבר לא ידיד שלך why is this sentence incorrect?


Well, it's not entirely incorrect, Hebrew speakers say that (and hopefully not many times (: ) but it could also mean that I'm not your friend already.


'I am no more your friend' is also correct


if friend is a definite article, why is there no h/the before the CHAVER?


"friend" is a noun, not a definite article. And it doesn't have one, either, because the person this sentence would be addressed to might very well have multiple friends. You could rephrase it to "I'm not a friend of yours anymore.". Hope that helps make sense of it.

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