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Duolingo doesn't understand my voice on the new format

Have this issue with nearly all of the microphone ones. Have to repeat myself time after time(just had a 30 second timed run where I was repeating the sentence(correctly) for the entire duration). Asks me to speak slower or that it can't understand me.

It worked perfectly on the old format and so I know this isn't a technology problem or me just being an idiot.

February 7, 2014



I have exactly the same problem. I've been using this site for months and it was understanding my voice just fine. Now it keeps saying it can't hear me, it can't understand, etc etc. I want to practice my pronunciation but the usability is just awful now. I'm sure my neighbor upstairs wonders why I keep saying the same Spanish sentence 20 times in a row, sounding angrier every time.


Maybe they updated the voice interpreting software to be less lenient? Because before, I could say "Ugh ugh uhg" and it would often work.


Did you submit your complaint to the staff via the support tab? It's a more direct way to express your concerns than the discussion board. That way the staff are guaranteed to read your opinion.


I have just the opposite problem. I can say "Blah Blah Blah" and it says ""Correct" Dah!!??


There shouldn't be a difference. Move this to the Troubleshooting section.


Hi, As 856pm said, this might be better in 'troubleshooting'.

To move your post click “edit” below your post, and than scroll up to the top to chose another section in the drop down menu. Then save!


anyone else still having this problem? Extremely frustrating :(


Yep. I've been screaming at my PC all morning. I'm most frustrated when the text translates something entirely different and then accepts it as a valid translation.


I repeated myself 30 times still doesn't recognize me ( it was fine before)


I used to be understood much better than now , although my pronounciation has got better. I don't know what has happened?


I am a new user, so I assume I am using the new format. First, I thought this was the troubleshooting discussion. That said, the app has recognized my voice once and had to practically yell. Are there volume settings for the mic I can tweak? Thx


Would be helpful to have some kind of echo funtion, just like in skype. For me the microphone does not seem to work either, but I have tested with other website, and it works. (www.onlinemictest.com, http://www.midomi.com/index.php?action=main.mic_check). However all the two other websites do ask with an [allow] [deny] microphone popup, while there is no such popup in duolingo. Btw, everything is turned on in the duolingo's preference.


JackFrost88: thanks for the tip, yelling actually helps. I managed to complete three lessons, although no matter how loud I yelled the french 'Il est riche.' never worked.

So my microphone is indeed works (right click on the microphone button, then go adobe global preference, then allow microphone and camera for duolingo). But I would love to hear it back when the system does not understand. I think I'm loud and clear, but yelling does creep me out. In general I'm not too familiar hearing back my own voice.

Anyway yelling sometime helps, but if not, and you click on the skip button the website turns your microphone off for you in the settings. So I need to go back and enable, and have an another spin on the lesson.

On a more general remark: I don't think yelling to the microphone makes my pronounciation any better.

(Last time I got an 'Error #2048' code, instead the microphone button.


I'm having the same issue but with the French lessons (I've tried using Google voice recognition on my phone and it understood my French perfectly). In German lessons it seems to work fine, although I do have to pronounce words slowly.


Wait a second... I think I'm having the same problem! I don't think it's having trouble understanding you, I think it isn't getting ANY input AT ALL. It just isn't hearing my voice. Somehow it isn't getting any input from the microphone. Which, of course, is why it doesn't understand me.

Could that be the problem you're having?


Sometimes it does work, but most of the time it doesn't and I'm screaming at my computer repeating a sentence 10+ times. I use my microphone for other computer activities and it works fine, so it is definitely the new duolingo site.


It is the new duo, my mic works fine with Dragon speech recognition so I don't see why not for Duolingo. I've tried slower, louder, refining my pronounciation etc. to no avail. Hoping to see the solution soon because it is frustrating not being able to check how I pronounce words and sentences.


It might work with Dragon speech recognition, but that doesn't mean it will work for Duolingo. Duolingo might be having some kind of problem with microphone input, so it isn't getting anything at all.

Before they updated the microphone, it would eventually say "Let's skip this for now" and give full credit, if it didn't understand for a certain number of tries. But from what I understand, it isn't doing this any more - which probably means it isn't getting the microphone input at all.


This is interesting as I downloaded Duolingo on my Android and did a few lessons to see how it does it on a different platform. It did a lot better and most of the time it recognized my voice but when I tried it a few times unsuccessfully, it did move on and let me have full credit for the tries. There wasn't any attempt when it would say it it didn't hear me. So if someone has an Android beside their desk machine or laptop I would suggest try Android, It is almost perfect with the microphone.


JackFrost88 I'm having the same problem. I haven't used the old format, so I don't know if it would have understood me. I'm trying to find another way to practice pronunciation. Have you found any alternatives?


Can anyone give some kind of instructions? I'm yelling and yelling and it doens't work! i don't know if it's my microphone settings but if it is can you tell me how i can fix it Thank you in advance!


The program is understanding me better than it used to because I'm trying to copy the EXACT rhythm of the voice I'm hearing. I read that Spanish words are more evenly spaced and with fewer ups and downs in tone than English ones. I also started using Firefox instead of Chrome and it made a big difference. I know what you mean about yelling! I had laryngitis and a very annoyed family for a while. My dog was under the sofa. I wonder what my neighbors thought lol! Anyway, if your mic is working maybe what I've told you will help.


I have the same problem even when learning on a reverse course—the microphone can't understand me speaking in my native language. As of today I've given up on it and have turned it off. Rosetta Stone understands me in one of my target languages, even though I have set the pronunciation level to be fairly strict.


My point wasn't that Duo should offer everything a commercial product does, just that my pronunciation isn't horrible. :-)


Swampsparrow, I'm sorry about Duolingo not understanding you. Do you think there is something about your computer that's causing the conflict? Maybe there's another program on it that interferes. I've had that problem with other sites. Maybe it's the type of microphone you're using? I really doubt if it's your pronunciation causing the problem since the problem seems to be continuing. You might check with a computer specialist to see if it needs to be fixed.


That's good advice, Susanna. I'll ask our local Mac specialists.


Good Luck! I know what it's like to have problems with programs. I've had more than a few myself -- awful! A good specialist is like gold at those times!


It seems the faster I talk when using the mic, the better chance i have of getting it correct. If I use the same cadence as the instructor, I almost always get it right, even if I'm not saying it correctly. When I repeat it slowly and correctly, it "can't understand" me.


This is an incredibly frustrating problem. It makes me even madder that the answer box has a feedback widget, but that widget doesn't include "the microphone doesn't understand me". Some metrics on this issue would probably help the eng team more than the forums :)


I've just switched to a new computer and duolingo doesn't pick up what I say. It worked perfectly on the old computer. This is very frustrating. I have 'allowed' it to access my microphone.


I have this trouble too, it is sooooo frustrating and is driving me nuts!


I have the same problem with being understood, it is sooooo frustrating having to repeat the same thing over and over and drives me crazy.

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