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  5. "Khi nào bạn nấu cơm?"

"Khi nào bạn nấu cơm?"

Translation:When do you cook rice?

August 29, 2016



I'm only just getting a handle on Vietnamese sentence structure but I would have thought this would be the other way around like "Bạn nấu cơm khi nào"


My thoughts exactly.


Both are acceptable.


According to a native speaker, this means "when do you make food?" And yes, it means literally cook rice, but they used it for making a meal.


Why is this wrong? -> "When are you cooking rice?"


Because when you say when are you cooking rice youre implying something about the future and youre also using the present progressive. I guess duolingo wants you to be as literal and as basic as possible in order to not mess up. In vietnamese some things can be translated in your way and really in the whole language everything can be translated in more than one way and is all based on inference and just knowledge of the conversation.


Ah, that makes sense. Thanks!


This should be translated as... When do you cook the rice....

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