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"What are the French kindergarten teachers flying on?"

Translation:Min repülnek a francia óvónők?

August 29, 2016



What does "min" mean? and how do we use "min" vs. "mit" vs. "mi"?


min is mi "what" + -n for the case meaning "on..."; thus min "on what".

mit is mi "what" + -t for the accusative case; thus "what" as a direct object (e.g. Mit csinálsz? "What are you doing?" - the "what" is the object of "doing"; you are asking about the thing that is being done).

mi is "what" in the nominative case; you could use it for asking about the subject of a sentence, for example: Mi van a házban? "What is in the house?"


Why isn't "Min a francia óvónők repülnek?" correct?


The verb has to appear directly after the question word, since the focus of the sentence is on that word. So "Min repülnek a francia óvónők?" and "A francia óvónők min repülnek?" are possible solutions.

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