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  5. "אתה לא מבקש מספיק יפֶה."

"אתה לא מבקש מספיק יפֶה."

Translation:You don't ask nicely enough.

August 29, 2016



I feel.. there's something missing.

So מספיק means enough, but what makes יפה nicely, not nice ?

Is it an inherent characteristic of מספיק ?


Because English.

(And I guess that באופן could replace מספיק, but I'm not sure (and because the sentence is in Hebrew, it's irrelevant). As in, אתה לא מבקש באופן יפֶה

I say this because באופן is often used to indicate an adverb, in English specifically the -ly form. Like, nicely. Then the form יפה wouldn't feel like it needs to change.

May a native confirm*, please? Thanks in advance. I asked nicely. ;-) )

  • or deny - done.


Sorry, but אתה לא מבקש באופן יפֶה means "You do not ask in a nice way". The word באופן means "in a manner" or "in a way".


Thanks so much for the reminder, Dov! It's been a long time.


מבקש can also mean "request" not only "ask"


Kibbutzniks are never polite.

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