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[Suggestion] Use Lingots as Up Votes

Right now, anybody can upvote a discussion (or downvote for that matter!) without even viewing it! To fix this and create a more balanced forums section, I propose that we use lingots as upvotes.

To upvote a discussion, you would give the starting post a lingot. This number would then show instead of upvotes. This way, there is more motivation to earn lingots, lingots will actually have a wider purpose, and people will have to genuinely love the discussion to upvote it. People won't just hand out upvotes on a day to day basis, but will have to think about if they want to support one message/suggestion over another.

Now to address downvotes. I think Duolingo should get rid of them. If you don't like the discussion, then you don't upvote it. This will get rid of spam and people won't feel so negative about their questions/messages.

Don't get me wrong-I love Duolingo and I try to use it everyday. I'm just throwing out a suggestion. I hope you guys enjoy!

4 years ago