"Rátok áll az az autó."

Translation:That car is parking on you.

August 29, 2016

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While this sentence could be understood literally, "Ráállni" is used to describe the process of somebody parking their vehicle too close to yours. That's what the speaker is telling you, the driver of the car, and your passenger(s): "Rátok áll az az autó."


Thank goodness! Now if only we could get Duo to stop being so literal...


Any suggestions what the nonliteral translation should be then?

That car is parking damn close to you. ?
I think such sentences should not be used at all. Some very common phrases that can't be translated word for word, sure, occassionally, but this sounds rather special, not super useful for beginners and without checking the comments it is probably barely possible for anyone to guess the meaning.


To keep as close to the original, i suggest "that car is parking all up on you." Lol.


Perhaps if they realised that learning a language is about more than writing the software


So in English vernacular, it's parking "all up on you." :)


It is a slang usage, not an idiom. This has to be avoided in too early stages of language learning and reserved only for near proficient level.


This lesson is full of sentences that make no sense after you see the so-called meaning, very tiring and annoying


Ok thanks now I get it!


The people responsible for these horribly awkward literal translations (and there are way too many) should be tarred and feathered and publicly whipped on the digital market place - with online streaming for all Duolingo Hungarian students. Even if this will not be satisfactory to compensate for all the pain inflicted by cars standing on your feet, or trains driving through you - it would at least bring back some fun for us and the armada of flying kindergarten teachers.


Sorry, but the stupidness of the sentences becomes more and more stupid

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