"A ravasz rókák a kertbe ugranak."

Translation:The crafty foxes jump into the garden.

August 29, 2016



why is cunning not accepted

August 29, 2016


Because the sentence with that word has not been added as an alternative translation for this Hungarian sentence yet.

Report the missing translation if it marks you wrong for using "cunning". (And be prepared for a wait of a few months before the alternative is added; there's a huge backlog.)

August 30, 2016


Sorry, the "crafty" foxes??

February 22, 2018


Yeah, that's a possible translation of ravasz. :)
"Cunning" or "sly" might be a bit more common, though.

February 22, 2018


I don't understand how I can tell from the Hungarian sentence whether the foxes are jumping "into the garden" (given as correct response) or "to the garden". I thought the "-be" mainly indicates a direction but I wrote "to" in a couple of sentences and was marked wrong.

December 28, 2016


The suffix -ba/-be means that you're entering something. English is a bit lazy in that regard: if you're going "to" the city, you're actually going "into" it. Same with "to the room" or "to the zoo".

Just going "to" something without entering it is expressed with the suffix -hoz/-hez/-höz: "A ravasz rókák a kerthez ugranak."

March 27, 2017


I just came to say that I love this sentence! It reminded me of the song and brought back fond childhood memories. "Azt beszélik róla, ravasz, mint a róka. Jön, lát, győz, fut!"

January 26, 2018
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