"I had miserable weather in Ireland."

Translation:Ges i dywydd diflas yn Iwerddon.

August 29, 2016

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What the difference between starting the sentence with 'ces' and 'ges'? I think I've seen ges a few more time than ces


Taditionally it would have been "Mi/Fe ges i" (Mi is northern and still pretty widely used whereas "Fe" is southern and not all that common). These are untranslateable verbal particles which basically used to come at the start of pretty much any sentence. Over time these words have been dropped. So now some people still leave the historic mutation caused by "mi/fe" in or leave the mutation out. Also note that "Mi/fe" are only used for positive sentences, with interogative sentences and negative sentences having their own verbal particles which I can also explain if you would like. Though there's no real need to understand them since the interogative and negative ones are pretty much fully archaic by now, though the muations for both of these particles always remains with the interogative particles causing a soft mutation like "mi/fe" ad with the negative particle causing a mixed mutation where "T, C and P" mutate aspirately and "D, G, B, Rh, M and Ll" mutating softly.

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The standard spoken course teaches 'ges' but some dialects in the South use 'ces'.

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