Translation:Steering wheel?

February 4, 2013



This vocabulary is really specific - why are we learning about parts of a car? I guess if I were a mechanic wanting to move to um país lusófono, I'd be set


tbh I don't think I'd ever ask someone "steering wheel?", so I think this sentence is missing something...


I guessed it meant "Do you want to drive?" But perhaps it's someone in the driving seat of a tracked vehicle asking "Where's the steering wheel?"


Sounds like part of conversation, "You said, 'steering wheel?' What's a 'steering wheel?' ".


it is quite interesting how this ? came about to be here. It is either a phrase, mindless choice of a content person or perhaps some automatic process that creates these lessons' content which would itself be an amazing programming achievement!!!. From the user's point of view:I do not agree volante is too specific.

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