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  5. "Haces lo contrario."

"Haces lo contrario."

Translation:You do the opposite.

February 4, 2013



I think it would be helpful if the usage of "lo" as a definite article was clarified in the tips and notes. I found from outside sources that, when used with an adjective, it makes the adjective substantive, as an (generally) abstract noun. But I did not find this explained on the duolingo site- I might have missed it, though.


Get used to that. They do not explain a ton here so I tell anyone that will listen to use other resources such as spanishdict.com and studyspanish.com to help you learn the whys of what you are doing here.


'lo' is supposed to imply the direct object of 'el'- How does it translate to 'you do the opposite'


Here I think "lo" is used as the neuter article, "the." "Lo + adjective" is used to convey an idea. "Haces" = you do, and "lo contrario" = the opposite. Yeah, I know, it is confusing. "Lo" as a direct object pronoun would have to come before the "haces."

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