"Maradok és dolgozok."

Translation:I stay and work.

August 29, 2016

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Dolgozom! Ikes ige!


I used the word 'remain' which has the same meaning as stay


Remaining and staying are synonyms.


i'm staying and i work ? to be "correct" they've both gotta be in the present progressive or present ?


It does sound much better if both verbs are in the same tense.


Maradok és dolgozom. Verbs ending in "ik" (ikes igék) in third person singular get an ending "om" instead of "ok"


-------- the very first response here in this dialogue is: Dolgozom! Ikes ige! which means "it's an -ik verb ". that was two years ago. c'mon duo, get with the plan ! . . .

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I'm not sure the source sentences can be changed as long as the course is in beta stage.


------- i think i've seen new "source sentences " . i.e., this one is Maradok és dolgozok 02 years ago, but many are 01 year and some 01 month, and many have been changed viz: duolingo feedback, etc. there are also comments (that make no sense ) that must refer to a source sentence that has to have been changed . . .

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Shouldn't we use "dolgozom" here, as per Hungarian conjugation rules? I know "dolgozok" is often used bu Hungarians. But, I do think that learners should start with the basic rules, the rest comes naturally after. That's my opinion.


Dolgozom should be accepted, at least. I'd prefer it, in fact, but that's just how I was taught.


Actually my teacher told me that only Dolgozom is a correct way of saying it.


You are right my teacher also told me that only dolgozom is right way because the verb ends in "ik" and for the first person singular the ending is just "om" not "ok"


I would say it is not that black and white. There are many nuances surrounding the "ik" verbs, you can find several articles on them (in Hungarian). Some verbs allow the "-ok" ending, some not so much. There are "fake" "ik" verbs, as well. There are ones where the usage may change with the context.

For "dolgozni", the "dolgozok" version does not sound terribly wrong.

But as Kisdeniska says above, it is good to stick with the rules when learning, the rest comes naturally.

"Dolgozom" should be accepted, at the very least.


Dolgozok is the ghetto version of dolgozom.


I would have expected since an earlier lesson used "dolgozom" then it should continue to be used for consistency rather than sometimes switching to "dolgozok", causing confusion for the user.


Persze az előttem szóló [deactivated user] hibásat írt…


A ragozás eldöntéséhez egy kis segítség:
(Az ötletet ezen a linken találtam: http://www.gyakorikerdesek.hu/kozoktatas-tanfolyamokhazifeladat-kerdesek1516373-dolgozom-vagy-dolgozok)

tanulok - valamit (alanyi ragozás) tanulom - azt (tárgyas ragozás)

dolgozom - valamit
dolgozok - azt

A második verzió érezhetően rosszul hangzik, nincs értelme.

Ezzel a két szóval mindig tudod ellenőrizni magad, ha bizonytalan vagy.


"I stay and work" doesn't sound like correct English. "I will stay and work" is more natural.


----------- i'm staying and working . . .

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