What is the difference?

What is the difference between "LandKarte" and "Stadtplan"?

Is it just scale? Like "LandKarte" means "atlas", and "Stadtplan" means "city map"?

Thanks for the answers!

August 29, 2016


die Landkarte is a map of the land.... country... region... das land is the land or country...die karte is the card or map in general... der stadtplan is either a map of the city or a book with little notes on the restaurant and hotels which ones are hot or not... die stadt means city and der plan is plan der atlas is a huge map of the world cut into pieces and structured into a book der globus (how fun a bonus) is a sphere with the world map on it....

August 29, 2016
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I agree with MaxSieg, but just to stress it out: A Landkarte is not necessarily a map of a country. Land here means the same thing as English land, i.e. "area, soil" or maybe in this case even "topography". It can very well cover just a certain region within a country, or a macroregion with several countries, though in practice usually not the whole world (that would be a Weltkarte).

Stadtplan by contrast is specific as to what it covers.

Btw, the difference between a Karte and a (Lage-)Plan is that the latter always focuses on buildings, i.e. on what humans put where. Of course, other things (rivers ect.) are also on a Plan but you won't find Pläne of things not built by human hand (typically a Plan is of a building or a settlement). There is no such thing as a "Landplan" or "Europaplan".

August 29, 2016

Yep, it's just the scale. A 'Landkarte' is a map of the whole country, while a 'Stadtplan' is a map of a city.

August 29, 2016

A Landkarte shows a map of the earth, a certain part of the earth, or a country, a Stadtplan is just a city map.

August 29, 2016

We have Weltkarte too and we have a Karte for everything... like Deutschlandkarte, Europakarte

August 29, 2016

Just think about every part of the word. Maybe if you devide the words, it might be easier. ( Im not sure but maybe that helps, it does for me in english sometimes)

August 31, 2016
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