"Your soup contains onions."

Translation:Wasza zupa zawiera cebulę.

August 29, 2016

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Another correct solution: Wasza zupa zawiera cebulę.

I don't agree. "onions" are plural, so "cebule" should be the only correct answer.


But in Polish we often treat it as a mass noun (I guess English could use "onion" as well), so I guess it's reasonable to accept both.


After consideration, yea, you're right.

I just wanted to make a better understanding of differences between e and ę for those who really want to learn Polish, not just practice English :P


Then you are perfectly right, one "cebula", so in Accusative "cebulę" (also when treating it as a mass noun), plural "cebule" both in Nominative and Accusative :)

[deactivated user]

    cebule not cebulę


    I wanted to say "see above", but right, "cebulę" shouldn't be the default answer for "onions".

    It's problematic to change the main Polish answer, so instead I changed the English one to "onion", treating it as a mass noun.

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