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"Mire mászol, a tetőre vagy a fára?"

Translation:What are you climbing onto, the roof or the tree?

August 29, 2016



shouldn't it be: "what are you climbing onto, the roof or the tree?"


Yes, your version would be better.


....asks the blind man.....


so why can I not climb on the wall [falra] too?


Climbing on surely would be tetőn and fán - that is they are up there climbing around. If they want to use -re/-ra then in English climbing onto or up to.


Could someone tell me literally what "mire" means


mire = towards what


do you crawl onto the roof or the tree.Got a red Still I think this translation has better English and not the Hunglish .Duo gets good Hungarian sentences translated in terrible not acceptable English.Unfortunately this happens all the time.WEIRD in the best of cases.


i am sorry, but this course is getting from stupid to stupidest. it is plain hard to learn with illogical content. and this case is really hard to grasp the meaning of with kindergarten teacher jumping on buses. as far as i got, there is no clear usage in real life for this case. thank you DL.


there is no clear usage in real life for this case.

Huh? It is used all the time. Not only is it used every time there is movement towards a surface but it is also the case used by many verbs.

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