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  5. "Har du varit i Polen?"

"Har du varit i Polen?"

Translation:Have you been in Poland?

August 29, 2016



Is the question in the form of "Have you been in Poland for long?" If not, "Have you been to Poland?" seems more appropriate. Also, is it right to say 'Har du varit till Polen?'


I agree that "Have you been in Poland" sounds strange, and "to Poland" sounds much more natural.


Thanks for noticing. And here I started doubting myself.


I wrote have you been to Poland, because that would be most natural, but I changed my mind to ....in Poland, even though I would never say that.


That were my thoughts as well. I'll try next time I get this sentence.


The English here definitely sounds unnatural to me.


I understand the Swedish but it's hard to get my native English wrong just for an inconsistent reinforcement of literal translations English speakers would not say ☠️


Is Poland a very frequent travel destination for Swedes?


Not particularly, but I guess it happens. Ever since Poland entered the EU in 2004, travel between the countries has increased. But it's more common for Polish people to go to Sweden than the other way around.


I would have to say it is. At the seaside in Poland and in all of the SPAs there's a lot of Swedes, Danes and Norwegians. There are very cheap flights between these countries and Poland is very cheap for people working in Scandinavia.


How would you say, have you been to Poland, then? Using till? Har du varit till Poland??

Or maybe using verb rest.


is there a difference in pronunciation to 'har du varit i poolen'?


Correct English is to say "Have you been to Poland"

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