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can't distinguish Spanish accents in new fonts

Especially the pale blue -- I squint and squint and just can't make them out. Frustrating when I encounter a word for the first time -- is it "línea" or "linea"? The green is difficult for me too, but after peering for a while I can usually make it out.

February 8, 2014



Ditto here. I can use Ctrl-+ to increase the font size, but with the new app design, that just pushes important parts of the page past the screen borders.

One solution: A friendlier font. Another solution: Don't put so much damned whitespace everywhere (see https://www.duolingo.com/comment/1726351).


There's a similar problem in German and French too.


Yeah, sometimes I miss an accent too. I wish they had a high contrast feature. Like white text on blue background in keeping with their color scheme like the top menus. Chrome high contrast extension doesn't work.

I can understand the skeuomorph to simulate white paper. White backgrounds are best for e-ink displays that are reflective displays like real paper, such as an e-reader. With back lit monitors a white page is a white light, who wants to look into a white light for any good length of time?

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