"The dad is coming."

Translation:האבא בא.

August 29, 2016

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Does Hebrew get easier on Duolingo as you go? It's awfully difficult with no pronunciation available on a lot of the words. I'm not sure there is enough repetition of pronunciation for me!


To hear a "recording" when the current Duolingo lesson does not have a recording: What I do is "cut and paste" it into Google search-' "xxx" translate' - and sometimes that brings up an audio recording either in Google Search itself or a youtube video, or some other app including Duolingo (because sometimes when a lesson does not have a recording, the Duolingo Discussion for that lesson sometimes does. Plus, Duolingo repeats the same or similiar lessons later on that might have a recording. I hope that helps.


Memrise.com has a Duolingo Hebrew course created by one of the creators of this course which pronounces all the words in this course. There are also classes to learn the Hebrew alphabet.


Great tip; thanks!


It's very poorly written. If i didn't have Google Translate I would have given up in lesson 1.


I'm just about to do just that!


I am progressing in Hebrew by duolingo


You are right. I had a much better experience on Duolingo Arabic course than on this one.


How can I know what the words are when you don't teach alefbet or anything for someone who doesn't know any Hebrew at all


They have the alefbet somewhere on the title for Hebrew... I printed it off, but I forgot where I got it...


In the first "Letters 1" Lessons - click on the "Light Bulb" icon to bring up the "Letters 1 - Tips and Notes" which has the Hebrew Alphabet and the letters in blue are the ones covered in the "Letters 1" Lessons: (I cut and paste it here - but, it loses it's format -- it will look better when you go to the "Letters 1 - Tips and notes" yourself -- I just include it here to prove that the DL Hebrew Language tree does expose you to the Hebrew Alphabet and how the letter sounds plus other tips like: The letter "vav" (ו), Articles, Connecting words, Yes/No questions, and the Verbs: to come, and to love: "לבוא" and "לאהוב". ----- Reading and understanding "Letters 1 - Tips and Notes" is crucial to understanding and getting on solid ground for the DL Hebrew Language tree - so, learn this first.

Aleph א /ʔ/ uh (usually silent or similar to the letter "a" in English: a placeholder for vowels) Bet ב /b/,/v/ bet, vet Gimel ג /g/ go Dalet ד /d/ dog Hey ה /h/ hen (often silent in modern colloquial speech) Vav ו /v/ vet Zayin ז /z/ zoo Chet ח /X/ loch Tet ט /t/ ten Yod י /j/ yes Kaf כ ך /k/, /X/ cat, loch Lamed ל /l/ log Mem מ ם /m/ man Nun נ ן /n/ no Samekh ס /s/ see Ayin ע /ʔ/, /ʕ/ uh Pei פ ף /p/*,/f/ pay, fool Tsadi צ ץ /ts/ cats Qof ק /k/ cat Resh ר /ʁ/ run (similar to the French r) Shin ש /ʃ/,/s/ she, see Tav ת /t/ tap --------I went to youtube for more on learning the Hebrew Alphabet - you can also go to Memrise ---- Here are my favorite youtube videos on the Hebrew Alphabet: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uz_m118Yheg Hebrew Alphabet (Just Letters) 10 minutes https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_UU6Fe7lqIo Hebrew Alphabet in 40 minutes https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sEuRdbtQNYE Hebrew Alphabet in 16 minutes, plus tons more youtube videos on this subject. -- Give yourself time. I began this last week and could only go to the 11th letter. This week I went through all of them and made my own Alphabet chart. Hope this helps. Give your self time and you will be surprise how you begin to get it. ---------- Don't forget about DL Tiny Card (flash cards) - here is the link to search through all DL's Hebrew Alphabet Tiny Cards: https://tinycards.duolingo.com/search?query=hebrew%20alphabet


You have it if you access Duolingo by the computer. Or, if you do like me and in the cellphone, go to Chrome, on the three dots on the top right click it, ask for "computer version" and then in the same tab go to Duolingo.com That way you can do the exercises in the app but have the learning instructions in Chrome


Download an Alephbet app


Is there alefbet teachings here at all?


I have that one also...I use it a lot.But I still struggle learning the language on this site.


It would help to learn the alphabet first


Sometimes I see "come" as באה, but here just as בא. What's the difference?


The verb "באה" is feminine while "בא" is masculine.


Thank you! That's the clarification I've been missing!


Yeah, love comes the first way, but the dad comes the second way. Maybe verb forms depends on some sort of noun gender or something?


Yes, Hebrew verb conjugations have gender in the singular.


Yes, it is difficult especially reading right to left, yes it would have been nice to have the alphabet first. Yes, it would have been nice to be given instructions before giving us words we did not learn. But, the way I look at it. Sometimes the lessons have Hebrew recordings which is nice and I would not be learning Hebrew if it was not for Duolingo. Now when they give me words or sentences I have not been instructed beforehand, I either look up the answer using Google Search, or, I just "get it wrong", and then learn from the answer that is given when you get it wrong. Duolingo has opened up a whole new world of Language learning for me. and I will "put up" with it not being a perfect system because I love learning languages, now that I can. Duolingo has shown me that I can. And because of Duolingo, I have discovered a lot of free apps on the web and videos on youtube learning languages does not mean you have to spend money. Just a little of your time every day!


Great response. I agree with you entirely.


Your love for language comes thru in the way you express yourself with gratitude. It could not have been said any better.Thank you my fellow "Language Lover!"


This lesson MUST begin with alphabet pronunciation guide...


How do you get your keyboard to switch to Hebrew?


i can help with hebrew if anybody need help (cuz im from israel i know all the tings and that (really wierd lunaguge) )


ookay, but there is no way to contact you. Or anyone.


I think it gets better in time. Keep well.


Does anyone have the same problem as me, where you keep on writing things from left to right??


I need to learn the alphabets first


Why cant i start with letters & numbers first??


Can't type in Hebrew!


How do the hebrew words work?


I'm not sure I understand the question.

אבא - father

ה - the

האבא - the father

בא - comes/is coming


There is some good news!

As of today, there are lessons in the app that teach the letters and the nikud! Just make sure you have the newest version of the app.

From what I understand, this is not a feature planned for the browser version, just the app.



i dont have those keys


Download the keyboard


How does the phrase "is coming" work?


How can i change my keyboard into Hebrew


Go to keyboard. Tap settings. Then language. Hebrew is written as עבךית


Definitely download the keyboard, and check out a website on the side. I do Hebrew4Christians.com (because I wanted to learn more about the OT at the same time. They have charts and breakdowns that help a lot!


The question is asking me to type in Hebrew. How do I do that? My keyboard is in English.


How can I change my keyboard to Hebrew


Depends on what device you use. You can easily google it, how to download or enable it.


I did add Hebrew keyboard to my Chromebook. But... nothing changed. I to am about to give up over the keyboard issue :-(


I don't have a Hebrew keyboard. Any suggestions?


It says this is right but when i enter it, it says it is wrong. Help?


What did you write? We can't see it, so we can't help you.


Hey, sorry. It looked like it was part of my comment but it wasn't. Anyway, I figured it out! I wrote them in the wrong order.


I need Hebrew script


"אבא בא" or "אבא בה"???


The correct answer is always at the top left of the discussion page. Can you see it?


This would be way easier if you included the vowels. Too many words look alike without them


I agree. The vowels would make a world of difference. I don't know why Hebrew stopped using them.


Why is the Hebrew reading incorrectly from left to right suddenly?


The Hebrew is going in the correct direction on my computer in this discussion. In the past, I have had problems with the blue clickable sentences in the discussion going in the wrong direction, though. If it doesn't resolve itself, turn in a Bug Report to Duolingo. Tell them on what device you're doing your lessons and which browser you're using.


Does anyone know how I can get a Hebrew keyboard for my Android (Samsung Galaxy 9+)? I can't figure out how to do the exercises where they want you to type the Hebrew words...?


SwiftKey keyboard for Android allows up to five languages including Hebrew. I love it on my Android. I only wish I could have more than five languages with it, but that's a minor complaint. I can get another keyboard and switch to that for other languages I suppose.


im not able to write in the Hebrew alefbet. can this be adjusted


Adjusted how? Not sure what your expectations are of this course, but wouldn't a logical thing be for you to download a Hebrew keyboard, since you're learning it??


How do you let it know you don't have a Hebrew keyboard after you've hit the wrong one the first time.


You have to install a keyboard. Go to your computer settings. Google how to do that for the type of computer you're using if you don't know how to that.


I don't know how to type in Hebrew when that exercise question comes up. I mean that i know how to write the Hebrew alphabet but have no idea on how to type it.


How about checking out other comments in here? Especially those that already answer your question!


it is asked to type in hebrew but there is no hebrew keyboard also word bank is missing for this exercise so it is only possible to type using latin letters


You need to download the Hebrew keyboard yourself or use a virtual one. Or read other comments, because this question has already been answered so many times.


thenk you for the answer. could you explain me what does it mean to use the virtual keyboard? And how to download a Hebrew keyoard by myself= Some exercises have below hebrew keyboard option other like in this case do not.


Since I have no idea what device you are using, and installing it is different for different devices, all I can say is google is your friend. You can find how to install it on your device fairly easily, if you do a search for it. The same goes for virtual keyboard. Not that the virtual one works only on a PC.

The word bank is used in the lower level of the course to help people get used to writing Hebrew. As you proceed, a real keyboard is needed on your device.


I can t find a hebrew keyboard.


You need to download the Hebrew keyboard yourself.


I need s hebrew keyboard.


I have a question, please answer, in which sentence do we spell "coming" in Hebrew like "בא" and when do we spell it like "באה"?



  1. בָּא masculine Sin
  2. בָּאָה feminine sin.


How is this spelling??


I don't have the hebrew letters to answer znd progress


Unbelievable. What idiot designed a Hebrew course that doesn't begin with teaching you to read? Every other non-Latin alphabet language course on here starts that way; why doesn't Hebrew? I started at an intermediate level to refresh my once-fluent Hebrew skills and was excited to get my nine year old daughters learning on here. When the first lesson presented words like "ahava" and "mayim" without first presenting the alef-bet, I thought something was wrong and they had somehow skipped five levels. But no. This is useless for beginning learners, especially young ones. It's a shame, too, because the upper levels of the course are quite good -- speakers' voices are pleasant and clear, and the sentences are quirky and fun. The comments here are years old -- is Duolingo not listening? Please add the alef-bet!


How am I supposed to type into the program without a Hebrew keyboard?


You need to download the Hebrew keyboard yourself. It's done in the language settings of your device.


My Dell computer (Windows 10) doesn't seem to offer that.


It's not the computer brand, it's the Windows 10 program that offers it. I use Windows 10 and I activated it. Just google how to install a foreign keyboard to Windows 10.


Hi, do you know why in the alphabet we learn de vowels but then they write only consonants in the course? We have to guess the words, it's really difficult learn like this, why they do this?


Hebrew is usually written without vowels. You can see the meaning of all the words if you put your mouse cursor over them. I can't see the app where the alef-bet is now being taught because I use a computer. If they are teaching the vowels on the app, you are very lucky because there was no teaching of the letters or the vowels in the lessons until recently. I hope they start to teach the letters on the program that is for the computer users and not just for users of the app.


Hi, thanks for your answer. In books I saw the vowels writtten, on the internet I have seen that are not used frecuently, I don`t know why. With an android cellphone you can learn the aleph bet on duolingo, it is really good done because with the lessons of aleph bet you can learn it perfectly in a short time and makes the regular lessons so much easier! I hope they keep improving the software so you can have it in your computer soon!


i am unable to write in Hebrew on my computer


You need to download the Hebrew keyboard yourself. It's done in the language settings of your computer.

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