"I am eating a good cake."

Translation:אני אוכל עוגה טובה.

August 29, 2016

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aní ochél ugá tová.


Is it טובה instead of טוב because "I" is a female?


No because the gender of cake is feminine.


How on earth are we supposed to know that the "I" in this specific sentence is feminine ?????????
..it is definitely wrong to presume so... and that it is marked wrong!!!!!!

Wow... this is not fun


The default sentence shown above is masculine. And when there are cases like this, the difference between the masculine and feminine version is just one letter ת, it usually just makes it a typo and doesn't reject the answer. That means that you must have had another mistake that you didn't see, if your answer was rejected.


What is the difference between אוכל אוכלת


אוכלת Is the female singular Form.

אוכל Is the male singular Form


So, given the answer above and that the voice is male, why was i marked wrong and shown the verb as אוכלת? Grr...


With the new cartoons the wrong gender is used for the first person in this example.


אני גבר ואי לא אוכלת


Is טוב often used to decribe food? So far it is used to describe good behaviour or something pleasant. Is it as diverse as the English usage, or is there an English usage that just doesn't translate? תודה.


I think that ‏טוב is just as diverse as the English usage, because for example at reverso.com there was the sentence Listen, you’re an amateur, all right? and that last word was ‏טוב.

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