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  5. "שלח לי מלאך!"

"שלח לי מלאך!"

Translation:Send me an angel!

August 29, 2016



שייקח. שייקח אותי ללב. שאוהב


What did I just watch...?


A few years ago, I found this song through Infected_Mushroom's cover. I liked it and the rock band Mashina became my favorite. Therefore I'm learning Hebrew on here for getting closer to their lyrics.


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NZVUuq0Birc Scorpions' song "Send Me an Angel" is the one I associate with my first arrival to Israel, waiting to meet someone who was named after an angel and who indeed turned out to be my living guardian angel (I am not religious at all, but it's nice symbolism). I don't know what the song is about but it seems to fit being about Israel also regardless of my personal situation.

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