"Az óvónő nem harcol, hanem áll és fest."

Translation:The kindergarten teacher is not fighting, but standing and painting.

August 29, 2016

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    "The kindergarten teacher is not fighting but is standing and painting." This is correct.

    [deactivated user]

      "The kindergarten teacher is not fighting but stands and paints." This is correct.


      This is a really weird sentence and the answers which is accepted is very limited! And this is coming from a native hungarian speaker who has been living in the US as well, so english is not a problem. You guys should really looks into these sentences!!


      I find it slightly worrying that they had to specify that the kindergarten teacher wasn't fighting... as if she had done it before.


      When clicking on óvónö it tells you the translation is kindergarden teacher (kindergarden with D) and in the translation it then uses the word kindergarten (meaning kindergarten with T). Not consistent!


      is this also good:The kindergarten teacher does not fight, but stands and paints

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