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  5. "Bây giờ là mấy giờ?"

"Bây giờ mấy giờ?"

Translation:What time is it now?

August 29, 2016



Is the gi- part supposed to sound like English s?


Comrade Cao is right. I also would like to point out something else. The Z as in "zoo" pronunciation for the Vietnamese "gi-" is from the northern dialect (our audio guy). The south pronounces the "gi-" as a Y sound as in "yes".


And with a [ɟ] in Vinh, right?


Is that from the International Phonetic Alphabet? I'm sorry, I'm not familiar with it =( Regardless, the V in Vietnamese makes an English V sound as in "vacuum" in the northern dialect, and a Y sound as in "yes" in the south.


That it is indeed. It’s the voiced palatal plosive; you can listen to it here.

From what I gather, this is how it’s pronounced in Central Vietnamese.


Thanks for educating me! I'm from Canada so the Vietnamese dialects I typically hear are north and south. Of course, there are many other dialects in between. I might have heard the V pronounced like that before.


This southern "gi"/"d" sounds like Russian "дь" or Hungarian "gy" to me, if it could help anyone.


It's supposed to sound like "z" as in "zoo"


Regarding Sylvia's post, I would really like a southern Vietnamese option because I have a southern partner, and she barely understands me sometimes!

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