"They deliver books to their students."

Translation:Dostarczają książki ich uczniom.

August 29, 2016

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Why isn't swoim a choice here ?


You can say swoim instrad of ich, what's more, swoim would sound more naturally here


I'm not sure if I totally agree here, it seems quite logical that "they" (some company) deliver the books to "their" (the teachers') students.


That interpretation of the English sentence didn't even occur to me when I read it. I thought it was saying that "they" (some very helpful teachers?) are delivering books to their own students. So a reflexive should be accepted here.


"swoim" is accepted. Even starred. But I'm perfectly fine with "ich" being the basic answer here.


Hmm, I guess whatever answer I gave must have been rejected for a different reason. I don't remember what the answer was, though.


What you say makes the most sense, Jellei, but it's interesting that in the exercise where we are to translate from Polish into English, the Polish is in fact given as : Dostarczają książki swoim uczniom.


Correctly and naturally is: Dostarczają książki swoim uczniom.


Obviously it works.

Generally I would agree that "swoim" is better in such sentences, but as I wrote above: it seems quite logical that "they" (some company) deliver the books to "their" (the teachers') students.


But without the context it doesn't even sound like polish


Well, we can automatically assume "one's own", but here it really seems less probable to me, actually ;)


In view of the varied discussions above, would "Oni dostarczają książki do swoich studentów" be acceptable/understood?


Why not 'studentkami'?


Wrong case. "dostarczać" (komu? czemu?) needs Dative for precising to whom you deliever. So the answers can be: uczniom/uczennicom/studentom/studentkom, depending on the gender and level of education.


oni dostarczyli książki do ich studentów ?


Okay, could be "do ich studentów" (added), but it's present tense here, not past.


Co z dostarczają? Poprawcie to


"dostarczają" to główna odpowiedź. Czasami występują jakieś błędy.


Will people understand me if I use moj, twoja jego etc instead of the additional swoj complication?


It's not an "additional complication", if anything, it's a simplification:

  • I'm reading my book. - Czytam swoją książkę.
  • You're reading your book. - Czytasz swoją książkę.
  • He's reading his book. - (On) czyta swoją książkę.

In casual speech czytam moją książkę is widely accepted, thus you will be understood. Czytasz twoją książkę sounds worse, but still understandable. On czyta jego książkę, however, has a completely different meaning (someone else's book).

If you are deliberately planning on learning a "version of Polish" that just close enough to Polish to be understood, I'll have to say that it's probably safer to speak English in the first place.


Swojim is not given in the word stock , so I used swojich


Those words don't have the letter J.

"swoich" is wrong here.

This sentence actually uses "ich" in the main answer, as we considered it more probable that "they" are a delivery company and "their" refers to the teachers, therefore the words don't describe the same people. Although "swoim", if we consider "they" and "their" to be about the same people, works.


„Dostarczają książki swoim studentom” was rejected. Are you expecting „uczniom” here or is my case wrong?


Hmmm... did you go to this discussion directly after getting the exercise wrong, or did you search for it later in the forums? Because on the top of this page it says "to their students" and this is not our main English translation anymore, you shouldn't be (automatically) redirected to this discussion...

Some time ago we started treating "pupil(s)" as the main translation of "uczeń/uczniowie". Sure, it's more of a British term, but at least it means that no one will think that "uczeń" is used for a university student. And of course "students" is an accepted answer when one's translating into English.

So because the English sentence to translate should use the word "pupils", this would make "studentom" a wrong translation. On its own, your answer is correct, for university students.

Now... if you really received a task to translate "They deliver books to their students." into Polish, then frankly, I'm not sure what's going on... it would be helpful to get a screenshot of that, if that's the case.


You’re spot on. I went searching for the sentence because I can’t comment from the app. I should have looked for “pupils” as that was the answer shown in the app as the translation.


Ufff, at least we don't have a new bug :D

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