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  5. "Bu saat çok güzel."

"Bu saat çok güzel."

Translation:This clock is very beautiful.

August 29, 2016



saat = hour and clock is very fascinating to me...like, in English "the clock strikes twelve" and "I will clock you" are different (it's midnight/noon vs. I will punch you) but at least when both words are "clock" there is a difference (one is a noun and one is a verb). Same with "can"..."I have a can of soup" vs. "can I have some soup". For English speakers out there, do we have 2 identical words that are the same parts of speech but mean 2 different things? I'm sure we do, I just can't think of any examples at the moment.


There are many. Off the top of my head, you have “metre” (a unit of length or the rhythm in poetry or music), “ruler” (a person who rules over something or a measuring implement), “lap” (your thighs when sitting or part of a race), and “pole” (a rod or one of two opposite points)—and this is without getting into homophones and homographs. I think it's a bit rarer with verbs, but there are some examples (e.g., “to beat”: to strike repeatedly or to defeat or to pulsate).


'this hour of day is very beautiful' means 'günün bu saati çok güzel'


Why not: 'this is a beautiful clock?'


your sentence means 'bu güzel bir saat'


So I can understand that SAAT means: Time Hour and Watch???

çok güzel!


In hindi saat means seven (7)


Why not 'This watch is too beautiful' ?


The Turkish word SAAT is originally an Arabic word: ساعة (pronounced saa'ah).

In Arabic it means 'hour', 'clock' and 'watch'.

Does it also mean 'watch' in Turkish?


"Bu saat çok güzel." Translation: This clock is very beautiful.

I walk to work each day & the City of London has some beautiful clocks that I pass by. Their chimes are elegant & their time keeping impeccable.

[deactivated user]

    "Watches" ne demek o zaman? _What do you mean then "watches"?


    So saat besides hour also means clock. Can this sentence be translated as this hour is very beautiful?

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