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"A wc-papír nem a fürdőszobában van."

Translation:The toilet paper is not in the bathroom.

August 29, 2016



'there is no toilet paper in the bathroom' is wrong?


Yes, there is a difference between "The toilet paper is not in the bathroom" and "There is no toilet paper in the bathroom," and the first one is right here.


Could the latter be translated as "A fürdőszobában nincs wc-papír"? Or "Nincs wc-papír a fürdőszobában"? Sorry for bothering you with questions about toilet paper ;)


Yes, those look good to me. "There is no..." would correspond to nincs.


Do I detect an extra "ban" syllable in the spoken sentence?


No, the audio recording is exactly as the sentence is written above. The last three syllables are then ban then van which do all sound similar, so maybe your ears are playing tricks on you.


I wonder where the toilet paper is?? Do you have to go walking around the house to find it when you need it most? Awkward!!

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