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"Egy piros ing van a kanadai férfin."

Translation:The Canadian man is wearing a red shirt.

August 29, 2016



I wrote ' The Canadian man is in a red shirt", which was not accepted. But actually this translation is closest to the Hungarian and it is a construction that is also used in (at least) American English " She is in a black ball gown".


Is this the most neutral word order? Could you also say "A kanadai férfin egy piros ing van"?


A young William Shatner perhaps?

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Does "A red shirt is on the Canadian man" work?


That sounds awkward and strange to me. I don't hear people describing someone wearing something in that way. However, "The Canadian man is in a red shirt" is valid (but see the post above, it was rejected 3 months ago).


why is it not ' a red shirt is on the canadian man'?

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I have the same question. That appears to be the construction of the Hungarian, yet the Canuck and the shirt are transposed in the answer.


------- can one use "is wearing " ? . . .

Big 3 feb 19


Definitely. The Canadian man is wearing a red shirt (not a green one).

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