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"У вас є будинок де-небудь на півдні?"

Translation:Do you have a house anywhere in the South?

August 30, 2016



why doesn't somewhere work?


"Somewhere" would be "десь."


And what is the difference between "десь" and "де-небудь"?


I would say it is the same difference as between "somewhere" and "anywhere."


:) Referring first comment in your link - "However, it is one of the endearing (or frustrating) traits of English that those two can mean the same thing at the same time."

And I would like to agree that in this case десь/де-небудь is very frustrating. Possibly with some context it can have a sense but not for this particular sentence.


Ugh. As a native English speaker, I must admit I am having trouble wrapping my head around десь/де-небудь and a few other things. I put "somewhere" because the sentence "Do you have a house anywhere in the South?" seems wrong for some reason and to me, a native English speaker. "Do you have a house somewhere in the South?" is the natural way to ask the sentence.

I have to get used to looking past what seems like a natural translation and focus more on what the direct translation would be even if it doesn't sound natural to me.


That is right. Therefore, in this course, "somewhere" is "десь" and "anywhere" is "де-небудь." If we allow both translation, someone could wrongly consider "десь" and "де-небудь" full synonyms.

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Being a native Ukrainian, I hardly see the difference between "десь" and "де-небудь" in such a sentence (and somewhere/anywhere as well).


This is not an English phrase

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