"У вас є будинок де-небудь на півдні?"

Translation:Do you have a house anywhere in the South?

August 30, 2016

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why doesn't somewhere work?


"Somewhere" would be "десь."


And what is the difference between "десь" and "де-небудь"?


I would say it is the same difference as between "somewhere" and "anywhere."


:) Referring first comment in your link - "However, it is one of the endearing (or frustrating) traits of English that those two can mean the same thing at the same time."

And I would like to agree that in this case десь/де-небудь is very frustrating. Possibly with some context it can have a sense but not for this particular sentence.


Ugh. As a native English speaker, I must admit I am having trouble wrapping my head around десь/де-небудь and a few other things. I put "somewhere" because the sentence "Do you have a house anywhere in the South?" seems wrong for some reason and to me, a native English speaker. "Do you have a house somewhere in the South?" is the natural way to ask the sentence.

I have to get used to looking past what seems like a natural translation and focus more on what the direct translation would be even if it doesn't sound natural to me.

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Being a native Ukrainian, I hardly see the difference between "десь" and "де-небудь" in such a sentence (and somewhere/anywhere as well).


That is right. Therefore, in this course, "somewhere" is "десь" and "anywhere" is "де-небудь." If we allow both translation, someone could wrongly consider "десь" and "де-небудь" full synonyms.


I am sorry, but this whole section is f*cked up. The use of any most of the time instead of some is just awful


Another awkward english sentence. We'd most likely ask : "Do you have a house somewhere in the South ?"


This is not an English phrase


Since South is capitalized, півдні should be capitalized as well

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