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Symbols button for Translations (€ etc.)

Would be useful to have a symbols button in translations for adding extra characters. To stop it being overwhelming it should show just a few extras: the additional latin characters (accents, umlauts) used in the language you're translating from, the main currencies used in that language, and any non-standard characters used in the sentence you're translating. For german this would be (ä,ö,ü,ß,€ and any extra symbols used in the translation such as ♥ or Ω)

February 4, 2013



Duolingo used to have this - you could use the accented characters in German. I don't know why they stopped - as a result, I have to copy and paste names and proper nouns that shouldn't be translated.


I agree! I ran into trouble translating a passage yesterday because I couldn't figure out how to type a circumflex accent in my translation.

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