"Tem algum açúcar nesse prato?"

Translation:Is there any sugar on that plate?

February 4, 2013

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I thought this sentence was referring to a prepared dish. Therefore, I wrote "does that dish have any sugar in it?"


I would consider this answer correct. Perhaps you should report it to DL.


I was marked wrong for "Is there any sugar in this dish?" Can someone explain why that's wrong? Thanks!

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    Should have been "that" , not "this".


    If it says "Tem..." it can´t be "do you have some sugar on that plate?" I thought it was right that answer, but i can see i was wrong.

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      Generally when asking for information "any" is used. We use "some" to offer something to someone (a guest) or when an affirmative answer is expected. ex: If the dish/food tastes really sweet, you could ask: Is there some sugar...?


      plate sometimes implies plate of food. but dish would be better. on this plate should be ok though.


      Is it correct to say something is "in" a plate?

      Does "nesse prato" in this sentence really mean "in a plate"? Or is it really translating to mean "on" this plate?

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      It probably means "on", unless they're implying the plate is made of sugar.


      Thank you! Do you work for Duolingo? Or are you just an extremely nice and helpful person on your own?

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      Hah, thanks, but I don't work for them. I know it's hard to find resources for Portuguese online; I'm learning several languages on my own, but if I had to learn Portuguese I don't know if I could without the help of others, so I just wanted to help those learning it. Plus the people in the French section are so nice when I post something I don't know there, so it's a payback. :)


      Muito obrigada! Hope you don't mind then that I added you here as a friend!?

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      Oh, not at all!


      Super, you are very helpful!

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        I translated it as "in that dish", meaning food, not something you eat on.

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