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"Not during dinner"

February 4, 2013



Is the article 'la' necessary here? I just put 'non durante cena'. Is that incorrect?


I think it's something like in Portuguese (my mother tongue) - considering there's also the verb "cenare", which means "to dine", the word "cena" could both mean "dinner" and "she/he/it dines". So, if you wrote only "Non durante cena" it would end up sounding like "not during she/he/it dines", but by saying "non durante la cena", you are refering specifically to the noun, and not the verb. Sorry if this doesn't make a lot of sense - it made much more sense inside my head, in Portuguese =p To us this just sounds to normal, we don't even think about why the article needs to be there - it just wouldn't make sense without it.


This was a really good explanation. Thank you!!

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Yes, it is; not sure why but I think after "durante" you should always put an article or a demonstrative (e.g. questo, quello, qualche, and so on).


The "la" in front of cena, is not strictly necessary. "non durante la cena" translates to: not during the dinner. And as in english, you can skip the "the" befor dinner. So you can just say "non durante cena"

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