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Ænglisc / Old English - Lesson II - Basic Phrases I (Greetings and Farewells)


Ƿesaþ ġē hāl!

If you missed the previous lesson (Alphabet), click here -

If you are interested in Old Germanic Languages -

We continue with our lessons in OE, and today we cover a bunch of basic phrases - in this lesson, we go over greetings and farewells!

Now, in OE, there are several ways to greet a person, depending on the number and the gender(s) of those that you are greeting (as you will find out, number, gender and case are important aspects in OE):

Hello / Goodbyes:

Wes þū hāl / Ƿes þū hāl (to one person of either sex/gender)

Wesaþ ġit hāl / Ƿesaþ ġit hāl (to two people, a man and a woman)

Wesaþ ġit hāle / Ƿesaþ ġit hāle (to two men)

Wesaþ ġit hāla / Ƿesaþ ġit hāla (to two women)

Wesaþ ġē hāl / Ƿesaþ ġē hāl (To 3+ people of mixed sexes/genders)

Wesaþ ġē hāle / Ƿesaþ ġē hāle (To 3+ men)

Wesaþ ġē hāla / Ƿesaþ ġē hāla (To 3+ women)

Two Alternatives:

Ēalā - (Hey / Alas - a general greeting)

Bēo gesund (Be Healthy / Safe - a general farewell)

That is all for this lesson! For more information on greetings, click on this link -

If this has inspired you/ started you to think that OE may be for you, check out Leornende Eald Englisc, here

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August 30, 2016



Do those first greetings, if literally translated, mean something along the lines of 'Be you hailed' (Hail thou - or in other words: I greet you)?


hāl means “whole” or “healthy”


thanks for the correction

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