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Old English Lesson List Page!

This thread contains the complete list of lessons for OE and is updated as a new one is released - bookmark this page if you wish to keep updated (this thread is also linked to my profile bio)

Ænglisc / Old English - Tips for Learning Old English!

Old English Keyboard Layout:

I - Alphabet:

II - Basic Phrase I - Greetings / Farewells:

III - Basic Phrases II - Introducing Yourself:

IV - Basic Phrases III - Conversational Questions:

OE for Children - I - Lullaby (Slǣp, Slǣp):

V - Grammar & Grammatical Cases I - An Overview:

VI - Grammar & Grammitical Cases II - Nominative Case:

VII - Grammar & Grammitical Cases III - Accusative Case:

VIII - Grammar & Grammatical Cases IV - The Genitive Case:

IX - Grammar & Grammatical Cases V - The Dative Case:

X - Grammar & Grammatical Cases VI - The Instrumental Case:

OE for Children - II - Lullaby (Fīf Īsentas):

XI - Grammar & Grammatical Cases VII - The Indicative Mood:

XII - Grammar & Grammatical Cases VIII - The Subjunctive Mood:

XIII - Grammar & Grammatical Cases IX - The Imperative Mood:

XIV - Pronouns I - 1st Person Pronouns:

XV - Pronouns II - 2nd Person Pronouns:

XVI - Pronouns III - 3rd Person Pronouns:

Duo goes to: Englaland

XVII - Pronouns IV - Interrogative Pronouns:

XVIII - Pronouns V - 'The / That'

XIX - Pronouns VI -'This / These'

XX - Adjectives I - An Overview of Strong and Weak

XXI - Adjectives II - Strong Adjective Decle[n]sions - General

XXII - Adjectives III - Adjectives with an æ in the stem!

XXIII - Adjectives IV - Weak Declesions!!!!

Ænglisc / Old English - Fæder Ūre (Lord's Prayer recited)

Ænglisc / Old English - Bede's Death Song (West Saxon Dialect)

Ænglisc / Old English - Offering Spell for Wōden/Ƿōden

Ænglisc / Old English - Conversations!

Ænglisc / Old English - Comparing it with Other Languages!

Ænglisc / Old English - Vocabulary!

Ænglisc / Old English - Prose / Poetry Recited!

Ænglisc / Old English - Drēamcræft (music)

Ænglisc / Old English - - Wyrd biþ ful ārǣd - What does this mean?

Iċ Þancie ēow for your support!

Ænglisc / Old English - Valentine Day Edition!! (Happy St. Valentines Day!)

For more extensive lessons, click here -

August 30, 2016



Thank you! I hope this inspires more people to vote for an Old English course on here and maybe even inspires the Duo staff to approve it and add it to the incubator. I took a semester of Anglo Saxon online and really enjoyed it so I have a basic knowledge of the language and with a dictionary and my old grammar notebook from the course I can decipher texts and poetry. I would love to offer my application to contribute to the course but right now I am a graduate student and I don't have enough time to contribute, especially with my other language-learning progress. But if the course gets approved to the incubator, maybe I will consider renewing my study of the language to help out.


That is good, as I could imagine you and Cefin working together on an OE course. I hope that he would wish to help make it :)


May I ask which online course you took?


I took an introductory course with Prof. Michael Drout through Signum University.


They also offered a semester of Beowulf in the original last summer but I was too busy at the time to take it, unfortunately.


Thanks! I hope that I can spread the wonders of OE to all!


Me too- that would be great. I tried out all the sites and they were all awesome!!!


Indeed! Treating OE as a living language is a new and efficient way to learn it, I hope that you will wish to keep up to date with the youtube channels that I linked into my lessons!


Woah! Difficult! >_< But interesting! :)


Indeed, but learning any Old Language is difficult, I guess, however, if you sstick with it, it works wonders!


Sure you're right :)


Indeed! Still, treating OE as a living language is a new and efficient way to learn it


C. S. Lewis believed that no one could be a complete scholar of English until he/she had mastered not just Old English, but Anglo-Saxon. Which is to say, then, that learning about the topic itself bears gifts to anyone who speaks or uses English themselves.


Anglo-Saxon and Old English are actually synonymous; some scholars just prefer one term over the other. Lewis was probably referring to Middle English, which would make a little more sense in that quote.


Ah thanks, I didn't know that. It's more likely Lewis used one term in one place and another in another place and I didn't understand it was the same thing.


This is awesome. I think I might be inspired. Thank you so much for this!


I would truly love to learn this language. I know it's not useful in terms of communicating with others across the world but it would be great to be introduced to the poetical feel of Old English. Perhaps the people of England may be able to re-connect to their roots with this language :)


These are great. Thanks for adding them.


You are welcome, but LEE (Leornende Eald Englisc - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLnwScGuOxVlaN5aV9in9ag), is the one that you should be thanking :)


You may want to credit them within your actual posts.


I do, multiple times xD


Thank you for posting these lessons!


Þōhte, þæt iċ þis hēr stellan scolde. Miriġe Cristesmæssan ēow!


Is this still being worked on?


Please create an interactive Old English course on memrise or some other site for creating courses. I want to learn Old English.


It'd be amazing if this was a proper integrated course.

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