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Need help with French translation!!!!! (from English)

Hey guys,

Quick background, I'm French level 13 having just gotten past the Time section. That being said, I've been trying to text my friend in French to practice (new idea) and I wanted to text her that "These dogs are being brats". I cannot figure out how to translate this with the "are being" being the problem.

My best guess is (after research) "Ces chiens sont étant les gosses."

Google Translate (GT) suggests "Ces chiens sont en cours gosses."


when i changed "These" to "The" GT suggested "Les chiens sont étant gosses"

So now I'm really confused on wether to use "sont étant" or "sont en cours". Didn't find good info on "en cours" but found info on "en cours de".

So can someone tell me the correct translation of "These dogs are being brats"? And of course any info on sont étant, sont en cours, or en cours de would be appreciated. I really want to learn this!

4 years ago


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Hi lstrieb,

You posted this in the General Discussion forum. This is not the right forum for it. You should move your post to the French Discussion forum. That is where people ask and answer these kinds of questions. Here are the instructions for moving it: http://www.duolingo.com/comment/1254215

Thanks! ^_^

4 years ago


Thanks! I fixed it.

4 years ago


I would translate it as : Ces chiens font les gamins (the best because the google trad you put in was horrible!)

4 years ago


Hi lstrieb, if your still looking for the translation i'll give a go. "Ces chiens font les morveux" Few remarks though : 1) "morveux" is quite (very) pejorative so use it carefully 2) if you have trouble translating verb+ing to French, use present tense. 3) or use "en train de" (faire quelque chose = doing smthg) | "en cours de" (samo) 4) a fairly good translation tool reverso(dot)net

4 years ago


Marclegris already explained to you about the non continuous tense in French, so I'll just offer an alternative translation: les chiens sont crétins en ce moment!

4 years ago

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I'd suggest: "Ces chiens se comportent en garnements."

You wouldn't really need "en train de", but if you want to add it: "Ces chiens sont en train de se comporter en garnements."

4 years ago

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"Garnements" would not be used to talk about animals. Speaking of animals, I would translate "brats" by "sales bêtes", as Marclegris did sooner. "Morveux" is also for human children only.

4 years ago