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"זאת אותה הטכנולוגיה אבל עם שֵם אחר."

Translation:This is the same technology but with a different name.

August 30, 2016



I wrote "it is the same technology but with another name". Shouldn't this be accepted for a translation?


Have we had this "same" construction? Is it always the direct object case?


You mean, אותה? It does look like the direct object, אני רואה אותה, but it's not, it's the way to express "the same X", X being a noun. אותה (ה)טכנולוגיה the same technology, אותו (ה)מקום the same place, אותם (ה)אנשים the same people and so forth. the ה is optional, and some people would argue, usually incorrect but still widely used. You are quite safe if you drop it, it's both correct usable.


Thanks, that is a confusing little word, then. Do both words sound the same?


Don't be confused with את + pronoun, think of it as a different word that happens to look the same.


Zot otah ha'technologia aval im shem acher.


To translate this to English, I believe we can drop the "but." We often say it disparagingly. "This is the same technology with a different name." It's not wrong, but not totally necessary, either.

I wrote it as quoted, and reported it.

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