"The committee has a few objectives."

Translation:יש לוועדה כמה מטרות.

August 30, 2016

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Why the " יש " at the beginning of the sentence . if it a verb, then doesn't it follow the noun rather than lead it ? could someone clarify this construction.?


The construction is יש ל , i.e. the possession construction. ועדה is the thing that possesses the מטרות .

There is a double vav because lamed is attached to the word. This is a standard spelling change with words that begin with a vav but have a letter prefixed.


Yesh la-va'adah kama matarot.


Why is יש at the beginning?


Is there a difference between ועד and וועדה?
ועד is counted wrong.


יֵשׁ לַוַּועֲדָה כַּמָּה מַטָּרוֹת.

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Is there a reason DL has marked ועדה wrong even though that option is included in the possible answers when you hover your cursor over the word? When do you need to add the ו and when is it not necessary?


The vav is doubled in the middle of the word to show the v sound. In the beginning of the word this doubling is not necessary, because you wouldn't normally read the vav as a vowel. So, ועדה by itself is fine, but in הועדה the vav looks like a vowel, so it becomes הוועדה

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