"This institute is very famous."

Translation:המכון הזה מאוד מפורסם.

August 30, 2016

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Can I use מוסד instead of מכון?


מפורסם מאוד instead of מאוד מפורסם Is considered wrong. Why??


In a practice session I just answered המכון הזה הוא מפורסם מאוד, and it was correct. It's possible that using הוא might have allowed the word order that you used.


No idea why that would make any difference...


Well, I did qualify this with "possible". I find that sometimes DL requires "הוא, היא" and in other instances not. I haven't really understood why as of yet. On many occasions, DL allows מואד before or after, as they note the alternately acceptable example. I was also hoping that by keeping this thread fresh, one of the advanced linguists might clear this up.

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