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  5. "They are workers."

"They are workers."

Translation:Oni są robotnikami.

August 30, 2016



I wrote są pracownikami and it says Im missing One. Why? The information of they is present in są


It will be accepted now.

As Djenthallman wrote it can be either "oni" or "one" and we do omit the 3rd person pronouns a lot less often than the others, but I wouldn't say that they totally "shouldn't" be omitted. It's probably better for the learners not to do it. But after all, in real language you have context, so most probably it would be known who "they" are.


But it may be either oni or one.

3rd person pronouns shouldn't be omitted.


It flagged "one są robotnicami" as incorrect. Is this not correct?


It's correct, added.

Although I have to say that my first thought was about female ants.


Why do you use the instrumental case here and not the accusative?


That's what you normally do after a verb "być" (to be), if it's followed by a noun phrase.

See here: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/16373167

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