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"Az óvónő nem magas, hanem alacsony."

Translation:The kindergarten teacher is not tall, but short.

August 30, 2016



Just wondering... If I say "the teacher is not tall", doesn't that imply that she is short? Are the hanem clauses used a lot in Hungarian?


Sure, it does. And yes, nem ... hanem is used a lot. This particular sentence is very simple and you probably wouldn't use it unless you were teaching somebody the meaning of the words, but the nem ... hanem structure is common and important.


A person who is not tall does not need to be short. She or he can be an average height.


That's what I think, too!


kindergarten is a german word


May have come from German, but fully absorbed into English now.


What if it is a male kindergarten teacher?


My answer should have been correct. The answer is wrong. It is not kindergarDen, but rather kindergarTen. This small typo would probably be accepted as an "Almost correct" out of beta, but it definitely shouldn't count me wrong for using the right spelling...

The hints get it right, but the translation is incorrect. It hurt me because of this...am reporting...


I agree completely. If you'll excuse the sarcasm, I think the duolingo team should be competing for the "International Ignorance Award".


Or the volunteer award. Please report all typos via the report a problem function. We are all beta testers here, it is uncerstood that there are still errors, together we can make it better.


Of course. We all make silly misakes. ;)

If you are reading this, please up-vote (like) this discussion and report the problem to possibly get the moderator's attention. :)


I have already reported it. Please don't underestimate the level of offense to someone who has been speaking English as a native language for nearly seventy years (and, in this case, speaks German fluently and knows the German spelling has been adopted in English). I don't know how to "up-vote" a discussion and see no reason why I should know that.


Reporting it is the best way, so there is nothing else to do but wait. These volunteer contributors have a tremendous amount of work on their hands, and they are dedicating their free time to doing it all. Of course, all mistakes are annoying, but we were let in early, in the beta test phase, with the understanding that there may still be errors in the course. Our role is to use and test the system and report the errors we find. That is our contribution for the benefit of those coming after us. If you have been here since day one, you know the huge improvement that has already been done. Apparently there is still work to be done.


Corrected, thanks!


You have just been introduced to the "óvónő" there will be times during this course when you will wish that you hadn't!


I used the translation you gave as nursery school teacher rather than kindergarten teacher and it said I was wrong. Aren't any of the translations for the word considered correct to use in the sentence?


"Alacsony" why not "small" is accepted?


The opposite of 'tall' is 'short' and the opposite of 'big is 'small' and this is a comparison type of statement, so I would guess that is the reason


"small" is not used like that for people.

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