"This view is beautiful!"

Translation:Ten widok jest piękny!

August 30, 2016

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I always struggle to know when I use to or ten/ta. Why not, "To widok jest piękny!" Is it because you also say widok? What if I said, "To jest piękny!"


Think of the difference between "it's X Y" and "this Y is X" where Y is the noun and X is the adjective and you'll start noticing a pattern:

Example 1:

  • It's your comment = To (jest) Twój komentarz
  • This comment is yours = Ten komentarz jest Twój

Example 2:

  • It's a beautiful view = To (jest) piękny widok
  • This view is beautiful = Ten widok jest piękny

Example 3:

  • It's my shirt = To (jest) moja koszula
  • This shirt is mine = Ta koszula jest moja

Example 4 (based on your "To jest piękne!"):

  • It's beautiful = To jest piękne
  • This is beautiful = To jest piękne

Notice how in the last example we're just switching "it is" with "this is"? That's why it's the same in Polish because in order to use ten or ta, you have to have to point at a specific subject/noun. In all other 3 examples, it's this specific comment, this specific view, this specific shirt... which is yours, beautiful or mine.

In other words: "It's an ADJECTIVE NOUN" will translate to "To PRZYMIOTNIK RZECZOWNIK", but "This NOUN is ADJECTIVE" will translate to "Ten/ta/to RZECZOWNIK jest PRZYMIOTNIK".


That helps a lot. I feel like that is what I was starting to think. What about just removing the "koszula" and pointing at it, for example? To jest moja! Should it be, "Ta jest moja!"?


If you'd be in a situation where there's a pile of shirts and someone is sorting them into two groups - their and your shirts, then makes a mistake and takes one of yours, you would say "This one is mine" and that would be: "Ta jest moja!" which actually even perfectly follows the pattern I've explained earlier as now the "one" is the subject (this one/that one).

However, there is also a more general way of saying that something is yours and that would be: "To (jest) moje!". If in the situation above, you wouldn't have a pile of shirts, but rather just a pile of some random objects, then you'd scream "To jest moje!" if someone would want to take one of... something which is yours regardless of what gender the noun of this object would be.


Is not ŁADNY a synonymous of PIĘKNY? ŁADNY was not admitted by Duo.


We do keep to the idea that "ładny" is "pretty" and "piękny" is "beautiful". Try talking to two girls, calling one "ładna" and the other "piękna". It may get... not that pretty ;)


Is "beautiful" the intensification of "pretty"? Which of the girls will complain: the beautiful or the pretty? The pretty, of course. Is it so?


Yes. This is at least my opinion. That beautiful is definitely stronger. And similarly in Polish.


Wrote; ten widok jest pieknie, got marked wrong and shown sliczny as correct. Error?


Maybe because i wrote pieknie instead of piękny..


Yes, "pięknie" is an adverb.

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