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The content of duolingo courses. A ''short'' summary.

Some time ago, I did a summary about the length of duolingo courses, about ''the number of lessons, skills and checkpoints of all the english courses, and the average of lessons for skill for each course, and the average of all the courses for these 4 variables''. Now, I've gathered new information, and I bring you a new summary (not ''short'' today, actually). I would like to remind what I said in the last post

this only measures the LENGTH of the courses, not the quality. A course can have less content but with more quality (with notes and tips, for example, or with more active moderators helping the learners). Not all that glitters is gold...

Now it's the same, changing ''length'' for ''content''.

Here we go: Click here if you want to maximize the image.

I would like to write down some comments that I have received to be clear with the information:

About the Portuguese course, Danmoller has told me:

I have a number, but I believe this number is not about the currently active tree, but a new future tree that is not published yet. 2887 words and 497 with pictures.

-Therefore I have decided to not add this numbers, but I thanks Danmoller for this information, we're waiting for the new tree:)

About the Vietnamese course, ckhadung has told me:

Sorry we do not keep track of the numbers since we always change the course structure. Besides, word images do not function properly in our course so we cannot count them either.

About the Esperanto course, Ned61 has told me:

Hi, There are currently 1907 root words in the Esperanto for English speakers course, 99 of which have images associated with them. When version 2 is complete in a few weeks, there will be 2081 words with at least 100 images.

And RuthKC:

1889 words, 100 with images. There will be more words in the next version.

-Anyway the numbers are similar, so it actually doesn't care

About the Norwegian course, Luke_5.1991 has told me:

We have about ~300 words with images. We have something like 3,200 words, but I'm not 100% sure because we've been working on the course recently for our tree 3.0.

About the Turkish course, Selcen_Ozturk has told me:

1465 words, unfortunately there is no easy way to check words with images

About the Spanish course, Royraju has told me:

Hola. 2151 palabras. En cuanto a las imágenes, aparecen 484, pero no sé si corresponderán a palabras repetidas o no..

Excuse me if there are mistakes, I'm not a native speaker.

-If someone can and want to add this information at duolingo wikia, it would be fine.

August 30, 2016



Well, the Eng-Nor course I started 3 days ago looks a lot more intimidating now, haha.

(Your English is quite good, by the way. The biggest problem is "About the Portuguese course, Danmoller has told me:". Also remember that language and country names are always capitalized in English.)

Edit: Another correction:

-Anyway the numbers are similar, so it actually doesn't matter


Thanks for the correction! I will change it ;)


This is very interesting, nice work! Thank you!


Brilliant analysis. Do you know if someone has done the same but for reverse trees or for other non-english trees? I am interested in learning, not in hunting "easy" golden owls. Before choosing my next challenge i prefer one that will take me to B1 level (2000 works aprox) and not only to A2 (1000 works aprox). B2 (4000 words aprox) appears to be beyond Duolingo's reach at this point.


When I completed the Vietnamese course (this was about 3 months ago) I had counted the following:
Skills: 84
Lessons: 320
Words: 1661



Therefore I have decided to not add this numbers, but I thanks Danmoller for this information, we're waiting for the new tree:)

The "old" ENG-POR Portuguese tree with 69 skills and 406 lessons had 1950 lexemes.


Carlos' and Fierycats vocabulary collection threads:


The new ENG-POR Portuguese tree (91+3 skills, 463+7 lessons), updated in June 2018, linked in your 1st thread here https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/17222395$comment_id=27583800 is FINAL and has 2000 lexemes.

Related vocabulary lexemes thread: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/27444256$comment_id=28072948

Unfortunately I can not give you at the moment the correct list www.duolingo.com/words words total count as 4 (grammar) of 91 skills are currently still missing in the "Vocabulary Overview API " stream: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/24416411$comment_id=28072488

Because the updated A/B tree has finished testing, we can finally see ALL new (added or rearranged) skills and words in the stream.

I will try to practice those missing skills the next weeks and see if that changes any total count and may (hopefully) include those skills and words in the API stream.

My plan is to open a ticket id (if I have not done already) for the Duolingo staff depending on my test results.


The new ENG-SPA Spanish tree (113+3 skills, 520+8 lessons) linked in your 1st thread here https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/17222395$comment_id=27583800 has 2264 lexemes (according to 76 http://duome.eu/en/es users).

Related vocabulary lexemes thread:


Thanks so much, this has now motivated me to keep on going with some of the languages I've chosen. Does anyone have any information on the Romanian course, though?


which is this language with the flag of a snake?


High Valyrian, it's a new course on Duolingo!


hahahah amazing.


Thanks so much for this. The number of root words is exactly the info I was looking for since someone else mentioned the total number of words but that there were many repeats due to the singular and plural of the same word counting as two and such.


See comments on this post: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/25615609.

User berit.smaa claims that the Eng->Span course has 3000+ words...


Thank you for your hard work! :-)


would be nice an update with the news trees, here a post that I did a long time ago from spanish :https://www.duolingo.com/comment/23545752/Number-of-lessons-for-each-course-taught-from-Spanish


At the moment it is very easy to do it yourself by looking at your profile (https://www.duolingo.eu/edo_farias) in the unofficial website www.duolingo.eu

That website is not hosted by Duolingo's staff, but it uses the public raw data in your Duolingo profile (https://www.duolingo.com/edo_farias)


Thanks, I wasn't able to connect to the URLs you mention, but it would seem that the information you are referring to can now be found at https://duome.eu and it includes an astounding amount of current recent activity information.

I also want to thank Bigbang-o for the time and effort put into compiling the info here and in the earlier post, and for putting it into tables and graphs for us.

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