"Wolność jest ważna dla każdego."

Translation:Freedom is important for everyone.

August 30, 2016



Why not "Freedom is important for all"?

September 5, 2017


According to what I learned, the preposition 'for' changes the meaning to "It is important that all people are free", which is rather not the meaning of the Polish sentence.

September 10, 2017


Star341179. I agree. The gramatical explanation has no weight on the widely used used explanation as in this case "for all" means everyone.

July 28, 2018


Why not freedom is important for everyone why is dla read here as to and not for?

February 11, 2019


OK, we'll change the main answer to "for everyone".

March 4, 2019


What is freedom? It is a hard question to answer. Everyone wants more freedom, but pure freedom is just anarchy. Complex philosophy here! :D

August 30, 2016


Not everybody wants more freedom. Especially as being free, having a choice makes us responsible for our choices.

August 30, 2016


Reminds me of an interview of a Cuban man that was given the barber shop he always worked at. He wasn't happy because he used to get the same paycheck from the government. Now he has to be more careful because some months he makes more, others less, and it is not as secure.

August 30, 2016
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