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"Ten budynek jest wyższy niż tamten szpital."

Translation:This building is higher than that hospital.

August 30, 2016



How do you know when to use 'niz' or 'ode' to describe 'than' ?


You can use both and based on what you pick, you'll have to use a different case, for example:

  • Ten budynek jest wyższy niż tamten szpital.
  • Ten budynek jest wyższy od tamtego szpitala.

"You're earning more than him":

  • Zarabiasz więcej niż on.
  • Zarabiasz więcej od niego.

"I write faster than you":

  • Piszę szybciej niż ty.
  • Piszę szybciej od ciebie.


Thank you so much for your help.


It's almost always "od", I think "ode" is present literally in two phrases: "ode mnie" (from me) and "ale nas zbaw ode złego" (but deliver us from evil).

And in VarHyid's comment the first options use Nominative and the second ones are in Genitive.


Appreciate your input. Thank you.


Is this sentence in reference to height or elevation?


Height. If it was about elevation, then we'd say "Ten budynek jest wyżej położony od tamtego szpitala" where "wyżej położony" literally means "laid higher".

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