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"אני אוהב אך ורק סגול! לא כחול ולא אדום, רק סגול."

Translation:I like only purple! Not blue and not red, only purple.

August 30, 2016



In English, "and" is hardly ever used between two negative structures, so I omitted it, and, alas! my answer was rejected. An even better answer would be "I only like purple - not blue or red, but purple!" But I know DL is just incapable of going that far. Look, guys, you'd better not use sentences with poorly worded translations at all, than impose such translations on learners.


actually, i think it should be "not blue nor red" :)


Cannot be more agreed.


"Nothing but..." is a nice parallel construction to "אך ורק". Get it together, DuoLingo.


Why אך ורק for "only" in the first part of the sentence and then only רק in the latter part. I agree that sentence structure and choice of "useful" sentences could be much improved and also picking up errors in responses!

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