"What a strange question!"

Translation:Co za dziwne pytanie!

August 30, 2016

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"Jakie dziwne pytanie"?

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Is there a difference between "Co za dziwne pytanie" and "Jakie dziwne pytanie"? Are both commonly heard?


I'd say "Co za" myself, but both seem quite common and natural.


Can I use jest here? as: Co za jest dziwne pytanie or: Jakie jest dziwne pytanie or even: Co to za jest dziwne pytanie


The versions that could work are: "Jakie to (jest) dziwne pytanie!" and "Co to (jest) za dziwne pytanie!". But personally I think that not saying 'to jest' or even just 'to' is a lot more probable.

Out of those variants, "Co to za dziwne pytanie!" seems most likely, but still, "Co za dziwne pytanie!" wins, in my opinion.


Czy jest różnica między "co to za dziwne pytanie!" a "co za dziwne pytanie!"?


Maybe the first one gives a bit more emphasis, but generally they seem the same to me.


Is za necessary in this sentence ?


Yes, it is. "What a...?" translates to "Co za...?"


I didn't think you had words for a, the, and omitting za on google still gives the same sentence!


"What a XYZ!" doesn't use "a" in the same way that "This is a cat" does, "What a XYZ!" is simply a fixed expression that translates to "Co za XYZ!".

Please don't use Google Translate to figure out if a Polish sentence you're trying to write is correct. Google Translate doesn't understand grammar. I just created a sentence like "Tę dużymi rybie jest niebieskich" where no two words match each other grammatically and generally it's complete nonsense, but Google Translate still translates it 'correctly' to "This big fish is blue" because it just parses it word-by-word, trying to make sense from the sentence I put there.


Is this sentence correct?

Co za piękna dziewczyna!

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