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  5. "אין לי בגד ים."

"אין לי בגד ים."

Translation:I do not have swimwear.

August 30, 2016



Anyone mind explaining this? ^^. All four words are new and without the option to click them and see the translation. Why "אין" and not "אני", why "לי" and not "לא", and what does the rest mean? :)


The word "אין" in this case means "don't/doesn't have". "לי" means "me". And "בגד ים" means "swimwear". for some reason "me" is not the subject of the sentence as it is in English. Therefore we use the word לי instead of אני.


Oh, so it's the other way around from what I was thinking! Thank you for clarifying :)

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