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  5. "Вже дванадцята година."

"Вже дванадцята година."

Translation:It is twelve o'clock already.

August 30, 2016



“First of all, "o'clock" is one word--a contraction of "of clock"--not two words with a space between. Secondly, if DL does separate them, then the apostrophe goes with the "o'," not with the "'clock...”


"Twelve o'clock" is the correct longhand way to write 12:00.


It is something to be reported in the Troubleshooting. There is nothing the course developers can do about it.


Thirdly, it should not mark a typo because DL itself puts a space between "o" and "'clock"


Is twelve o'clock means дванадцять, not дванадцята? Дванадцята it's, for example, 10 past eleven, isn't it?


In Russian (similar language) this sentence is translated "Уже двенадцатый час" and means that it is after 11:00 and before 12:00. If it is 12:00 it will be "Уже двенадцать часов". Does Ukrainians speak another way? And does english-speakers mean "between 11 and 12" when say "It is 12 o'clock?"


No, in English you'd say "it's after 12, 10 after 12, quarter past 12, half past 12, quarter to 1, 5 minutes to 1," etc.


Ha! Hilarious. It was a "select the words" type of question, and claimed I had a typo! Duo gave me "o" and "'clock". I entered both and got dinged for spelling. Hahah! Tell me how I could have possibly done any differently with your options! Morons running this joint, I swear.


I wrote it is already twelve o' clock. And was marked wrong for word order :(


Should be accepted. Report it.


marked twelve o 'clock as typo although I used the word bank


This is a bad glitch, separating "o" and "'clock." It should be one word "o'clock."

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