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"בחנוכה אכלתי אולי מאה סופגניות."

Translation:On Hanukkah I ate maybe a hundred sufganiyot.

August 30, 2016



That you can tell this, is another chanuka miracle.


"sufganiyot" is not English. They're called "jelly donuts," at least in the U.S.


Yes and no. Religious native US-born (and bred) English speakers use "sufganiyot" and "jelly donuts" interchangeably. I had the same exposure in Florida as my children do in New York. Jelly donuts is reserved for buying from Dunkin Donuts.


RIP waistline.


Isn't there a word for Sufganiot in English?


Basically they're berliner donuts.


To me they look like the common donuts sold in Polish bakeries


Exactly - jelly donuts are our type of donuts which are baked here in central Europe Poland, Slovakia, Germamy or Czech republic - homeland of Golem, etc. These donuts are called sufgoniot in Hebrew. There are two types of them: Industrial or home made. The industrial one has a hole in them (secondary intrution of jam) and is baked in hot air (not so oily). Home made donut does not have a hole in it as it is baked already with jam, is quite oily as really baked in oil, darker brown color and rolled in a powder suger. All these jelly donuts get old and hard soon so you must eat them while they are fresh. Good with strong coffee with fat milk or creme.

Healthy high caloric bombe which make you to acquire happier view of life for a day or two, not to dwell in anorectic depression .


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