"The apples of those little boys are red, who wait in the garden."

Translation:Azoknak a kisfiúknak az almái pirosak, akik a kertben várnak.

August 30, 2016

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In my opinion, this section was also way too hard for a new learner, and impossible for me to finish without copy and paste because there are just too many things in each sentence to get wrong.


Agreed. It's not well designed, not well placed in the course, and for the time being not very well implemented even for what it is. It's an unfortunate roadblock. Some of the sentences have such an explosion of different possibilities in the translations that getting to a point of accepting nearly all reasonable ones will be... an ambitious goal.


Could you say pirosak az almái instead of az almái pirosak?


You'd need to write pirosak az almáik in that case, but it's entirely possible.

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