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Finally the Greek course!

I have just started learning Greek, and so far the course is great!

Well done to the team for all their continued hard work and their course entering Beta!

August 30, 2016


[deactivated user]

    It's an amazing course. Μπράβο στην ομάδα!


    Ευχαριστούμε πολύ!!!


    I like the introduction to the alphabet. Well done Greek team!


    Thank you very much :) We need your feedback in order to improve the course ;)


    Είναι φανταστικό με την εισαγωγή στην Ελληνική αλφαβήτα αλλά η ηχογράφηση που τόσο καιρό περιμέναμε με ανυπομονησία δεν με ενθουσίασε, σίγουρα από θέμα ήχου περιμέναμε κάτι καλύτερο. Πάντως μπράβο στην Ελληνική ομάδα έκανε πάρα πολύ καλή δουλειά


    i think the sound is not bad...


    I'm thrilled to take this course! This is also my first language to learn that doesn't use the Latin alphabet; a bit intimidating, but I figure this is a worthwhile challenge. :)


    I have waited SO LONG for this course and I have spent so much time practicing the alphabet. When they changed it to October I was so sad, but then came this surprise! YES! Great course so far! I'd like to thank the team so much for their hard work!


    Thank you Greek Team for making this course, now I will soon understand my grandparents!


    Thank you so much! Just one question: How the heck do you type in greek?


    Download a Greek keyboard!


    how do I download a greek keyboard? I'm sorry, but I have no idea.


    I have a Mac, so it's on it already, but if you have a windows I think you have to download it from the internet.


    No, you just need to install it in the Region & Language settings in Control Panel (at least on Windows 7, I assume it's similar on Windows 10).


    It's probably even simpler on Windows 10.


    I wouldn't count on it.... It's pretty easy already. Anyway, you can Google "How do I install another keyboard on XXX", there should be plenty of detailed explanations.


    That's right. Just go to language input in the control panel and click on add keyboard, then choose greek.


    Great, Thank you Greek Team ... I am excited :-) ... well I am a bit shy to ask ... but is there any hope that the course will be available on the mobile (android) platform?

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    In the initial level of "Events", there is a broken link near the bottom for how to wish something in Greek, in various circumstances. It should be "https://www.omilo.com/greek-wishes/"

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    Would it be possible to give a clearer explanation? Which sentences has an error? What's the error? What link is broken? We really appreciate your help but without knowing what the problem is our hands are tied.

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    Ah, ha! I just had a lightbulb moment and checked the Tips & hints. (Why didn't you say that?) Yes, I see the link you are referring to. I'll change it for the one you give. Many thanks.

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    I thought I said "in the notes for", but left that out. I now know those are called "Tips & hints". I see the correction, but it is not a clickable link (which is okay if that is what you intended).

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    Oh, it's my carelessness, I'm so used to comments about sentences it took me a while to think of the notes.

    I made the change and tested the new link before hitting save and it was ok. Let me check again.

    Yes, when I go to the Tips & notes I see the link just as you gave it. But I need to copy paste it to open it, usually, they turn blue and you can just click on them. Any ideas on what's going wrong.


    For someone who already knows the alphabet, I find the alphabet section in this course more than a waste of time. I have no idea what to type for most of the questions, yet I know the alphabet inside out. So I avoid it.

    Unfortunately, its strength bar has fallen, so now if I use the "strengthen skills" option, I invariably get a questions like "το κακό τ" and I just want to quit altogether.

    Is there a way to "prove" I know the alphabet so I can get a pass on ridiculous questions like this?


    I need a Greek keyboard, but i can't get it! Help! -- Stuart Moore


    Here is a discussion that provides you with some links for your PC keyboard https://www.duolingo.com/comment/17706271

    And here is a discussion that provides you with some links for your keyboard on Android and iOS devices https://www.duolingo.com/comment/20607862

    Please make sure to always check the course's discussions. Happy learning! ^.^


    There should be instructions at the beginning explaining how to get a Greek keyboard. It makes no sense to get half way through the first lesson only to realize the keyboard is not embedded.


    You can check my reply on Stuart's comment right above, if you have any troublw with converting your keyboard on your PC or your mobile device. ^.^ We have made tons and tons of discussions, and tons of comments on this matter, yet some learners still miss them. Please make sure to always check the course's discussions! Happy learning! ^.^


    First of all let me say a big THANK YOU for creating this course. I have been trying to learn Greek for a few years now using the "Michel Thomas" courses, but duolingo is a welcome and very worthwhile addition to my "curriculum" ;-)

    I would like to suggest a change / additional feature though: I am not interested at all in learning to write Greek, speaking the language is challenging enough for me. While I can translate most of the "type in greek" stuff ok, I usually let google translate do the work of creating the greek written sentence which quite often doesn't match what duolingo expects (a missing "ta" for instance, or a personal pronoun).

    It'd be great if I could tick a box somewhere along the lines of "don't ask me to write in Greek" somewhere in the settings.

    Thanks again for this great website & keep up the good work,



    Hey Uwe ^.^

    First of all, thank you so much for your kind words, and we are all glad to hear that you're enjoying our course. It truly means a lot for the team to see that our work is appreciated by the learners. :)

    Personally (although I do believe that I speak on behalf of the whole team), I think that, in order for someone to learn proper Greek, they would have to write it properly as well. One of the reasons why we dropped Greeklish in translations (you can read the full post right here https://duolingo.com/comment/23350148 ) was that, apart from the fact that there are way too many alternative greeklish spellings, writing a word in Greek would be the inly way to remember it properly. I'll give you two simple examples.

    Πίνεται and πίνετε used to have the exact same greeklish equivalent, pinete. However, πίνεται is a 3rd person sing. passive verb, while πίνετε is a 3rd person pl. active verb. Would a learner be able to tell what the difference between these two is, if they didn't know how to spell them? Same goes for παίρνω περνώ, two different verbs with also two completely different meanings.

    (I know what you're thinking. Couldn't we just have spellings like pinetai, pairno, so that learners can tell them apart? We could, but then we would have actual pronunciation problems. The list of problems with Greeklish is longer than you think.)

    I know it might be a struggle to learn Greek, especially for english speakers. But I do think it's worth the effort. It's a beautiful language to learn, that matches a beautiful country and history one should definitely explore.

    Not writing in Greek might be convenient, but it makes your life harder than you can imagine. :P


    I agree with everything, just a minor correction; πίνετε is 2nd person plural, not 3rd.


    I have just started learning Greek, thank you so much! It is the best app and it is the first time I am determined to learn because duolongo is so well structured. My dream is to move to Greece in 3 years, I am in love with it! It makes me happy to come here every day and learn, I can not thank you enough!

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